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What's Happening at CCJAA?

CCJAA is always eager to share news and happenings! Check out what's been going on lately within the Cass County Junior Athletic Association! 

Cass County Junior Athletic Association – CCJAA
Ed Williams, CCJAA President

CCJAA Awarded Grant for New Youth Football Equipment

Cass County Junior Athletic Association was selected as a recipient for a $500 grant from USA Football, specific for purchasing new football equipment. This grant allows Cass County youth, grades K-7, to continue playing flag and tackle football using safe equipment. CCJAA’s mission to promote and implant the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and reverence into the children of the community through supervised competitive sporting activities align with the grant goals.

How does CCJAA Promote Safety?
Over the past several years there has been a huge emphasis placed on improving player safety in youth sports as it relates to concussions. CCJAA has taken player safety very seriously and has implemented numerous measures to insure the safety of the youth that participate in our league. For example: we require all of our coaches to be Heads Up Football certified through USA Football, we provide a certified athletic trainer/EMT at all home games, and we recondition equipment each year to insure player safety.

While not all leagues go to these costly measures, we find that a player’s safety is of the up-most importance. This year we need to take yet another step in improving player safety by replacing all of our helmets and shoulder pads that are currently being used.

How Can You Help?
As a non-profit youth league, we rely on the support of local businesses like yours to provide every child a chance to play the sport that they love and ensure safety while doing it. You can help us continue to improve the safety for our youth by becoming a sponsor and donating to help us replace our helmets and shoulder pads.

CCJAA launched a “MAKE IT SAFE” campaign requesting community support for new player equipment.

Please consider the sponsorship options -